Custom Carbon
Tubing System

Build Bikes Faster

Our mission is to make custom carbon bike builders more efficient while providing value to the end-customer with better frame tubing and parts.

Your skill, your build, Coll Carbon.

Faster builds

Save time and increase productivity while offering superior-quality result to the end user.

cleaner design

Complete rear-end kits available with dropout, brake-mount, and  cable routing integrated into the tubing. It’s just better, and better looking. 

More versatile

Designed to modern standards for wider tires, new chainring clearances, and modern rear-axle standards

Plug and play

Complete Kits

Purchase complete bike kits, rear-end kits, or individual parts for gravel, CX, road, and mountain bikes.


"Working with Coll Carbonworks has changed the amount and the type of bikes I can build. Coll is so fast and flexible I feel like anything is possible – it makes building custom bikes really exciting. Now it's more feasible than ever to own a custom bike." 

Chris McGovern, McGovern Cycles

"Being introduced to the Coll team was like finding a gold mine! Coll Carbonworks has revolutionized the carbon building process for custom builders. Using Coll tubing has cut my build time in half allowing me to make more money, and have more free time!" 


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